• Brass
    • Brass rectangular tubes

    Brass rectangular tubes (alloys)

    • CW508L (Cu Zn37)

    From these materials, we manufacture:

    • cuttings in nearly all requested lengths
    • parts as per drawing

    Other alloys and dimensions on request.

    Data sheets are available for download on www.bikar.com.


    Extensive warehouse stocks of a wide variety of brass alloys ensure we stay flexible. We don‘t simply stock the standards such as Cu Zn37 or Cu Zn39 Pb.

    Our portfolio also extends to special alloys such as Cu Zn37 Mn3 Al2 Pb Si, Cu Zn35 Ni3 Mn2 Al Pb and many more – stocked as bars, sheets, plates, tubes and sections.

    All that glitters is not gold

    At BIKAR, this old proverb applies very well to brass. We maintain vast stocks of this material. Whether for the fittings or engineering sectors – whether for release orders or a small section for fabricating a hexagon bolt. Here, diversity is the key.

    Whether you need round bars from 1.5 mm in diameter, brass tubes (round or rectangular) or heavy brass plate up to 200 mm thick ...

    BIKAR delivers the dimensions you need quickly and precisely.


    • Brass rectangular tubes

    Brass rectangular tubes (CW508L)

    EN AW-
    EN AW-
    DIN indication
    DIN alloy code
    Dim. mm a x b x s
    Cu Zn37
      a (mm) b (mm) s (mm)
    from 3 3 0,3
    up to 60 60 2,0
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    Parts from drawings

    By order of the customer we manufacture non-ferrous single or standard parts according to engineering drawings, machined ready for installation.

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